Brora 30 years old Special Release 2009

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Brora 30 years old Special Release 2009

Brora 30 2009.jpg
Alder: 30 yo
Flaskens volum: 70 cl
ABV: 53,2 %
Destillert dato: 1979 eller tidligere
Tappet dato: 2009
Kjølefiltrert: Nei
Fargejustert: Nei
Pris Vinmonopolet: Kr 2500,-
Poeng NMWL: 9/10 p
Poeng Whiskyfun: 91/100 p
Klassifisering: SGP 465
Antall flasker: 2652
Lansert: November-09

30 år gammel whisky fra Diageos nedlagte destilleri Brora, tappet som Special Release. Utsolgt fra leverandør rett etter lansering.

NMWL smaksnotater

Poeng: 9 (gjennomsnitt av flere vurderinger)
Farge Uten vann Med vann
Farge ikke vurdert Lukt: voks, svakt peat, sødme, frukt (eple), vanillin, sukkertøy, honning,

Smak: Rund, svakt røyk, voks, krydder, vanillin, sødme, frukt (eple), krydder.

Ikke vurdert lukt.

Ikke vurdert smak.

Ettersmak: Veldig lang, litt alkoholstikk, eplesødme
Oppsummering: Meget behagelig og litt for lettdrikkelig. Slektskapen med Clynelish er åpenbart tilstede. Dette er fantastisk godt, bare synd at prisen er deretter...
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Eksterne smaksnotater

Destilleriets offisielle smaksnotater

Andre smaksnotater

Poeng: 91 - Whiskyfun
Farge Lukt Smak
Pale gold There’s much less sherry than in the 1972 but rather more smoke, wax, vanilla and herbal notes, which makes me think of a strongly peated Clynelish if you see what I mean, with also something of the ‘old’, pre-Brora Clynelish. Ooh, this is complicated, isn’t it! It is not as farmy as the first 30yos and rather cleaner, coated with a little more vanilla, notes of fresh walnuts and some medicinal notes à la old Laphroaig (embrocations, gauze). The smokiness fades away a bit after quite some minutes, leaving room for more fresh fruits such as white peaches and gooseberries.
With water: becomes a little grassier as often. Rather less smoke, rather more wax, even more ‘Clynelish’. Wet rocks, whiffs of seaweed.
Mouth (neat): powerful, the first thing I’m thinking of is some kind of mildly smoked fruits. Gooseberries again, apples, a little lemon... Rather less smoky than on the nose, and less waxy too, that is to say a little less ‘Brora’ globally - so far. A lot of liquorice.
With water: superb now, with a perfect coherence and compactness. A little mustard coming through, the obvious waxiness is back, herbal liqueurs, cough sweets, some marzipan, playful notes of juicy apples (granny smith?) and quite some ash
Ettersmak: Long, saltier, more on lemon, almonds and a little green tea. The wood is perfect.
Oppsummering: There’s much more peat smoke on the nose than on the palate. A very interesting Brora halfway between the early 70s’ austere majesty and the 80s’ waxy fruitiness. In a certain way, it reminds me of the old 22yo 1975 Rare Malts but with more fruits. Excellent once again!

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