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Nåværende eier: Castle Brands Inc
Standardtapning: Clontarf Single Malt
Polets varenr.: 20147


Clontarf er ikke et eget destilleri. Kun et brand som produseres i Midleton.

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Clontarf Irish Whiskey is made with the finest grains and pure Irish spring water. It is triple distilled and aged in bourbon casks. Clontarf is available in two expressions: Clontarf Classic Blend and Clontarf Single Malt.

MM: Clontarf is bottled by Roaring Water Bay Spirits, which incidentally has recently merged with Great Spirits to form Castle Brands. Before bottling, the whiskey is filtered through charcoal. In other words, the Irish equivalent of 'Jack Daniels'. I must say, this really is not my cup of tea, or rather ball of malt. I get some malty notes, but whatever other nice notes this may have, they're swimming in a sea of vanilla. And when I say swimming I actually mean drowning. I do like vanilla notes in a whisk(e)y, but in Clontarf the vanilla is so overpowering, it is almost sickening.

TWE: The Clontarf family are Irish whiskeys of distinction. The purity of the Irish elements is reflected in their smooth, full flavor. The inspirational marriage of Old World ingredients and New World techniques give the Clontarf whiskeys a style of their own. As tradition dictates, only the finest grain and purest Irish spring water are used in the delicate distillation process. Clontarf is then mellowed through Atlantic Irish oak charcoal. Finally, Clontarf is gently aged in New World bourbon barrels, giving a silky soft texture to this fine range of Irish whiskeys. It’s a true gift of the elements.

After distillation, the raw spirit is charcoal filtered (or "mellowed through Atlantic Irish oak charcoal", as the brand website puts it). This is not typical for an Irish whiskey but Jack Daniels in the US famously does something similar. After filtering it is aged in bourbon barrels.

Like Bushmill's own blends, the malt whiskey component is made in Bushmills while the grain spirit comes from Midleton.

This whiskey is also referred to as Clontarf Black Label.

The Clontarf brand was launched in 2000 by the Roaring Water Bay Spirits Company in Dublin. The whiskey was originally made by the Cooley Distillery.

In 2003, Roaring Water Bay Spirits merged with the Great Spirits Company, from the US, to form Castle Brands. Great Spirits brought the Knappogue Castle whiskey brand to the merger. Knappogue was being manufactured by the other distillery company, Irish Distillers, and in 2005 Castle Brands moved Clontarf production to Irish Distillers as well. Irish Distillers still owned Bushmills at the time.



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