Highland Park St Magnus 12 years old

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Highland Park St Magnus 12 years old

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Foto: Highland Park
Alder: 12 yo
Flaskens volum: 70 cl
ABV: 55 %
Kjølefiltrert: Nei
Fargejustert: Nei
Varenummer Vinmonopolet: 5320601
Pris Vinmonopolet: 1099,-
Poeng NMWL: 9/10 p
Poeng Whiskyfun: 89/100 p
Klassifisering: SGP 363
Antall flasker: 11994 flasker, 750 til Norge.
Lansert: September 2010, november i Norge.

12 år gammel spesialtapning fra Highland Park.

NMWL smaksnotater

Poeng: 9 (gjennomsnitt av flere vurderinger)
Farge Uten vann Med vann
Farge ikke vurdert Lukt: Honning og voks, lett peat, sitrus->kiwi.

Smak: Samme som over, samt noe hint av europeisk eik -> krydder

Ikke vurdert lukt.

Ikke vurdert smak.

Har ikke kommentert ettersmak.
Oppsummering: En veldig god dram.
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Destilleriets offisielle smaksnotater

Highland Park
Farge Lukt Smak
Copper toned honey, clear and bright. At natural strength there is terrific intensity with classic dried fruits and honey sweetness. Thereafter glorious notes of cinnamon, dried apple and hints of exotic fruits emerge, followed by a whiff of aromatic smoke. Immediately intense and rich, the whisky lingers on the palate emphasizing the perfect balance between sweetness and aromatic smoke
Ettersmak: Long and gently smoky.

Andre smaksnotater

Poeng: 89 - Whiskyfun
Farge Lukt Smak
Gold. Really punchy, starting quite smoky with hints of barbecued spare ribs with honey sauce and a noticeable kirschiness. It’s no gentle whisky – or is it a gentle brute? It’s also rather flinty and liquoricy, with some leather as well as quite some grass and spicy oak. Very nice but a tad rawish so far.
With water: gets grassier, as expected, closer to the malt, with some smoked apples (or something like that) and maybe hints of banana skin and heather honey. Smoother but still quite ‘terroir’. Also damp clay, slight mouldiness, very pleasant
Really punchy, starting all on spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and a tarry smokiness that reminds me of some sherried Islayers in a certain way. The cinnamon is really big. Only marginally honeyed so far.
With water: now it’s really excellent, with a great earthiness, roots (is that terroir speaking? ;-)), marzipan, a waxiness, notes of bitter oranges…
Ettersmak: Long, with a wee dash of pepper and ginger added to the combo. The peat is more obvious too.
Oppsummering: It’s got an obvious relationship with last year’s ‘Earl’ but this one is maybe a little rawer – and, I think, peatier. Global quality is similar in my view, and this one swims very very well. A true islander.

Anekdoter og trivia

Released in September 2010, this bottling celebrates Saint Magnus, one of the six canonized Norsemen born in the 11th and 12th centuries when the Orkney Islands belonged to Norway. He is described in Orkneyinga Saga as «a man of extraordinary distinction, tall, with a fine, intelligent look about him. He was a man of strict virtue, successful in war, wise, eloquent, generous and magnanimous, open-handed with money and sound with advice, and altogether the most popular of men.»

Saint Magnus was a man of peace, contemplation and scholarly learning; spiritual intensity is more a feature of Magnus’ Saga than violence and cruelty. It is a life story of Christian devotion and forgiveness, qualities that are not usually associated with the Vikings, and includes the healing of the sick, crippled, blind and insane. Saint Magnus was murdered by his treacherous cousin Haakon and was canonized only 20 years later.