Glen Spey 21 years old Cask Strength

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Glen Spey 21 years old Cask Strength

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Foto: Diageo
Alder: 21 yo
Flaskens volum: 70 cl
ABV: 50,4 %
Destillert dato: 1988
Tappet dato: 2010
Kjølefiltrert: Nei
Fargejustert: Nei
Fattype: Amerikansk eik, x-sherry
Varenummer Vinmonopolet: 5317201
Pris Vinmonopolet: 1200,-
Poeng NMWL: 9,3/10 p
Poeng Whiskyfun: 90/100 p
Klassifisering: SGP 651
Antall flasker: 5844 flasker

21 år gammel whisky fra Diageos destilleri Glen Spey, tappet som Special Release.

NMWL smaksnotater

Poeng: 9,3 (gjennomsnitt av flere vurderinger)
Farge Uten vann Med vann
Farge ikke vurdert Lukt: Eik->mynte/balsamisk tre, smørmalt, lakris, bourbon og bringebær, vanilje, krydder, nougat, nøtter, antydning av rosiner og annen tørket frukt

Smak: Smørbukk, nøtter, melkesjokolade, litt eikebitter (men ikke for mye), eller som lukt.

Ikke vurdert lukt.

Ikke vurdert smak.

Ettersmak: Ganske saftig og meget lang finish
Oppsummering: En meget, meget god whisky med perfekt balanse og kompleksitet, og det fra et destilleri jeg normalt ville hoppet glatt over. Her har de nok vært veldig heldige med fatene som har inngått!
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Eksterne smaksnotater

Destilleriets offisielle smaksnotater
Farge Lukt Smak
Rich, deep amber with long-legged beading. Instant, rich and at first winey, with over-ripe fruits (apple, pear, plum and peach). Wonderful fruit acidity above a sweet, waxy layer, as with a cherry cake, marzipan, or stollen. Traces of summer gorse, coconut and an artist’s studio. With water, no nose-feel and a very light aroma to start; gentle, soft and alluring, lifting the artist’s studio and clean mineral salts whilst subduing the winey aromas in favour of lashings of coconut, caramel and toffee. Still enjoyable, but without its straight gravitas. Rich and oily. Smooth texture and clear American oak wood influences (coconut, vanilla), with a sweet taste overall. Initially quiet, cooling and oily, with oaky notes of varnish and wood shavings (as in a woodwork room). Some charring. The top notes are of ripe fruit with a suggestion of menthol. Cooled and simplified by water: minty and creamy at first, then cocoa and mint toffee to the fore.
Ettersmak: Medium, complex. Charredpaper, varnish. Drying oak checked by subtle, creamy vanilla. A note of powdered chocolate, in time becoming old brown sugar. Lighter and cleaner with water, with creaminess, gentle peppermint, white chocolate and pleasing, subtle oak

Andre smaksnotater

Poeng: 90 - Whiskyfun
Farge Lukt Smak
Full gold. Ah yes! Superb combination of sweet dried fruits with the softest spices and only hints of precious wood (thuja). Orange jam, figs, dried pears, cooked strawberries, very ripe mirabelle plums and apricots, almond oil, fresh putty, speculoos… Really beautiful.
With water: more oak, pencil shavings, sawdust… Before the fruits are back. Whiffs of raw barley.
Rounded, with a little more vanilla from the wood than in the nose but other than that it’s all on soft fruits and honey, overripe apples, a little cough mixture, marzipan… Quite perfect!
With water: hints of bananas, very ripe kiwis and mint-flavoured green tea.
Ettersmak: Not the longest but it’s very clean and pleasantly mentholated.
Oppsummering: A very easy, very sexy and eminently drinkable fruity Glen Spey. My new benchmark as far as that little-known distillery’s concerned.

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