Brora 30 years old Special Release 2010

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Brora 30 years old Special Release 2010

Brora 30 2010.jpg
Foto: Diageo
Alder: 30 yo
Flaskens volum: 70 cl
ABV: 54,3 %
Destillert dato: 1980 eller tidligere
Tappet dato: 2010
Kjølefiltrert: Nei
Fargejustert: Nei
Fattype: Refill amerikansk- og europeisk eik.
Varenummer Vinmonopolet: 5316901
Pris Vinmonopolet: 2800,-
Poeng NMWL: 9/10 p
Poeng Whiskyfun: 91/100 p
Klassifisering: SGP 356
Antall flasker: 2958 flasker
Lansert: 2010

30 år gammel whisky fra Diageos nedlagte destilleri Brora, tappet som Special Release.

NMWL smaksnotater

Poeng: 9/10 (gjennomsnitt av flere vurderinger)
Farge Uten vann Med vann
Farge ikke vurdert Lukt: Voks, honning, (og da var de klassiske (for meg) Brora-aromaene på plass!), parafin, peat, avdempet (litt lukket?), men kompleks

Smak: voks, mer peata enn på duft, blomster, vanilje, svakt krydder

Ikke vurdert lukt.

Ikke vurdert smak.

Ettersmak: Ganske lang ettersmak, bløt og fin.
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Eksterne smaksnotater

Destilleriets offisielle smaksnotater
Farge Lukt Smak
Mid-amber. Medium beading, large beads. Mild nose-feel. A delicate, complex and appetising old nose that slowly reveals a balance of buttery softness and acetic sharpness. (Rather like the aroma of a Hollandaise sauce). Develops gently, vanilla alternating with sharper, faintly coastal notes. With time, in true Brora-style, there’s a pleasing waxiness, and hints of old lavender, as in a dried-out pot-pourri. Water enhances these fragrant notes, and adds the scent of crisply laundered fine linen, while the waxiness becomes heavier (polished church pews). Later, there are traces of roast meat, and that appealing herbal fragrance persists Oily and smooth. At first smooth, sweet and honeyed, then a split-second later drying, with instant smoke and medicinal notes. More savoury notes rise with (a little) water. There’s a lightly teeth-coating waxiness. Sweet overall, but with slight saltiness and an intriguing herbal flavour.
Ettersmak: Long and scented. At first, elegant with long malty notes: rich fruitiness with a charred, smoky backdrop. Then drying, with smouldering oak. Finally, salty-sweet.

Andre smaksnotater

Poeng: 91 - Whiskyfun
Farge Lukt Smak
Straw Right, this isn’t as peaty as the 30yo used to be and we’re rather closer to the 25yo from two years ago, with something that’s rather ‘Talisker’ in the nose. It’s not explosive, rather delicately marine, seaweedy, almondy and buttery, with light vanilla notes and just hints of patchouli and various dried flowers. It’s got something slightly ‘old-world’. Faint farminess arising after a while, together with a little more peat.
With water: as expected, more farmy, seaweedy, slightly grassy. Almond oil.
This is more like an early-1970s Brora, with a good deal of peat, lemon and salt plus some obvious medicinal notes, antiseptic, wood smoke, kippers… It’s still unusually ‘unbig’ at 54 % vol. and rather more lemony than others but quality’s very high here, no doubt about that, even if it’s not quite a ‘2004’ in my opinion.
With water: ah yes, it’s all there now, with the salt, these oily notes, ‘a feeling of petrol’, more almonds, that famous waxiness, smoked salmon (from river Brora of course), lemon… All perfect now. There must be some older casks in the vatting, and not just one.
Ettersmak: Long, salty, sooty, smoky, paraffiny, with hints of green olives and anchovies in the aftertaste – or is that only brine?
Oppsummering: It’s funny how water revived the ‘Broraness’ in this Brora that’s rather less fruity than last year’s version in my opinion. I think Diageo should add a free miniature of Gleneagles water with each bottle

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